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 Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development 

      Specializes in Doing Business with Japan

We will Locate Your Potential Clients!
We will Assist in Creating Orders!
We will Help Expand Your Sales in Japan!

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Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development Specializes in Doing Business with Japan!
No One Expects you to BECOME JAPANESE But When Doing Business in Japan KNOW the ""HOW" & UNDERSTAND the "WHY


On Demand
Market Penetration Package
Japan Desk for Companies already in Japan
Workshops for Doing Business with Japan


On Demand
Inter-Cultural Consultation
Interpretation / Translation
Japanese – English – Hebrew
for Negotiations, Webinars, Visits, Delegations


On Demand
Extensive Market Research
In-depth industry-based market-research for companies considering expanding their operations to the Japanese market.

“Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” is a Board Memeber of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce 

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