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Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development - Specializing in Doing Business With Japan

Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” serves as a meeting point between Japanese and Israeli companies.For more than a decade, we have been acting as a meeting point between Japanese and Israeli businesses, and help create harmonious business communication between these two cultures that are as different as “East from West”. Our success in bringing various Israeli manufacturers to lasting sales in Japan are based on more than two decades of learning, experience, and ever-expanding interpersonal relationships in different Japanese industries. By providing our clients with personal and dedicated attention, we help them achieve deeper understanding of the Japanese business culture and build long lasting and harmonious business relationships. We continuously strive to, and believe that, successful cooperation will lead to expanded and prosperous trade and commerce between Israel and Japan.

“Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development”, helps Israeli companies understand what motivates their Japanese counterparts.Dozens of manuals with “Do’s & Don’ts When Doing Business in Japan” have been written in the past 20 years, by Western Japanophiles. Although these books provide Western companies detailed explanations about how to conduct themselves and their business deals in Japan and are abundant with rules and hints, for most Western executives, Japan is no less an enigma today as it was 20 and 30 years ago. Based on a deep understanding of the Japanese business etiquette and its need for indirect communication and importance of hierarchy, these books often recommend attempting business only by using business development consulting companies that specialize in Japan market penetration. “Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” provides Israeli manufacturers its extensive experience and knowledge regarding “what makes the Japanese tick”, its various connections in the Japanese market and an understanding into the hidden psyche behind the Japanese negotiation methods in order to build a business foundation that will lead to flourishing business relations for years to come.

The goal of “Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” is to increase the exports of made-in-Israel consumer products, food and low-tech technologies to the Japanese market.
Japan, the third largest economy in the world, is the second largest consumer market and the third largest food importer in the world. However, while made-in-Israel manufacturing comprises 65% of Israeli exports, less than one percent of all Israeli exports reach Japan. Unlike Israel’s diamond, high- tech and telecom industries, Israeli innovative and state-of-the-art consumer goods are far from being well-known in Japan, and few Japanese companies if any, are familiar with their high quality and uniqueness that have become a household name in European and American markets.
In recent years, Japan is missing from the agenda of Israeli decision-making officials, and currently there is no government subsidization program to increase exports at all. These facts are the reason why we, at “Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development”, emphasize the Israeli manufacturing industry as a whole and the consumer goods market in particular, and build individual business development plans for locating Japanese importers on behalf of Israeli companies looking to sell their products in Japan.
“Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” helps Israeli companies locate Japanese manufacturers for importation to Israel.
Whether you require different components manufactured in Japan or interested in importing a Japanese brand, we will locate the most suitable manufacturers.
Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” is responsible for the introduction of more than a dozen Israeli manufacturers of consumer products from various industries such as food, cosmetics, interior, agriculture, building materials and hand tools and is continuously targeting the promotion of Israeli consumer products in the Japanese market.

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