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Yifat Vered - Japan Specialist

Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development Specializes in Doing Business with Japan!
Yifat Vered Graduation Komazawa University 1999

Following 10 years of study in Japan, Ms. Yifat Hodaya Vered returned to Israel to implement the knowledge she gained during that time.
Ms. Vered is highly knowledgeable of Japanese ethics and mentality and has deep knowledge of the unique Japanese business and interpersonal etiquette.
In the years since her return to Israel in Fall 2000, Ms. Vered has accomplished numerous business deals between Israeli and Japanese companies and has brought various Israeli manufactured consumer products to sales in Japan while guiding Israeli manufacturers regarding Japanese codes of business.
Ms. Vered has been able to open the Japanese market – which can oftentimes be strict and perfection-demanding – to many Israeli manufacturers that are currently enjoying flourishing trade connections in Japan.
Ms. Vered’s Japanese communication skills, her understanding of the Japanese culture and her extensive connections in the Japanese market are the secret to her success and the success of “Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” company that she established and heads.

Ms. Yifat Hodaya Vered, CEO of “Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” during a lecture for Israeli business people:
“In 1991, a few months after my arrival in Japan at the age of 22, I was asked by my Japanese teacher, “why would an Israeli girl want to study Japanese?” – A question that demonstrates how far away Israel seems to the average Japanese person. My answer was that “one day, I would like to be a bridge between Israel and Japan.”
10 years of living and studying in Japan, and the years since my return to Israel spent helping Israeli manufacturers penetrate the Japanese market, show that I am starting to achieve this goal.…”

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