Business Development

Japan Business Development and Market Penetration Package

“Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” provides Israeli manufacturers wishing to sell in Japan market the following services:
Business Development & Market Penetration Package
  1. A market study that consists of related market trends, local competitors, international competitors’ presence in Japan, prices, regulations, exhibitions, and a Potential Clients’ list according to the requirements of the manufacturer.
  2. Creating an introduction letter in Japanese and contacting potential clients according to list.
  3. Creation of business and interpersonal relations with the related Japanese importers on behalf of the Israeli manufacturer, conduct negotiations, and bring forth the first order Follow-up and maintenance of business relations with importers during the first years of sales and motivate for reoccurring orders.
On Demand Desk Japan
“Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” provides Desk-Japan services to companies already doing business in Japan that experience difficulties in the day-to-day business communication with their counterparts.
Although nowadays, many Japanese are versed in English writing communication, wide-spreading usage of Japanese-English translation sites, inexperience and hesitancy in English verbal communication or heavy pronunciation, make the day-to-day work difficult. In addition to these, differences between expectations, ways of thinking, business cultures and interpersonal code of behavior, result in miscommunication and difficulties that often lead to less than desired sales. “Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” conducts interviews with the Israeli staff, translate and consult during meetings and conference calls etc., consults and guides on ways to solve the problems, and acts as a bridge between the two sides until the source of cultural disharmony is found and solved, in order to establish a smoother communication channel, based on mutual understanding of the expectations and needs of both sides.   
Workshops & Lectures for Doing Business with Japan
  • “Doing Business with Japan” or “Prepare Your Staff to working with the Japanese branch”
             Understanding the culture differences in order to create a motivated Japanese client and workforce
  • “Going to Japan on Business”
             What to notice when negotiating business in Japan for the first timer
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