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Since 2000, “Japan – Israel Consulting & Business Development”, specializes in bringing Israeli products from various Israeli industries to sales in the Japanese market, by negotiating while maintaining harmony and building its business ties with Japanese companies through communication in Japanese and based on two decades of Japanese business culture experience.

“Yes, Yes, I understand” or “Yes, Yes, I hear you”…?
Refraining from conflict is a Japanese culturally innate characteristic so keeping interpersonal harmony is paramount when doing business.
When it comes to penetrating the Japanese market, like many Western companies, Israeli companies encounter difficulties in closing deals based on business communication in English. Israeli manufacturers only starting to work in Japan, and companies with existing branches in Japan, often encounter culture-based communication difficulties during the day-to-day work, especially between non-management staff or the technical departments. This makes it difficult for the ongoing management of the work done in Japan and results in heavy losses.
Through interviews with the Israeli staff, “Japan – Israel Consulting & Business Development” studies the communication difficulties of the company, and using its tri-lingual staff, opens a channel of communication that would help both parties understand each other’s needs and expectations more easily. Creating a harmonious relationship leads to “closing the deal” and increased sales.
Effective business communication with your Japanese colleagues is not solely dependent on their English communication skills. In addition to the hesitancy of the Japanese to use foreign languages, there are essential differences between Japanese and Western cultures that cause misunderstandings, and non-realized business deals. Business communication with potential customers, as well as with existing customers in Japan, becomes effective and profitable, when done in Japanese and by an expert in Japanese Culture.
Arriving to Japan on business accompanied by “Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development” team of experts, means that in addition to translating what is being said at the meeting, we “translate” your Japanese counterparts conduct, and by that help make the negotiations successful.  Creating interpersonal trust is the basis for flourishing business relations in Japan, and our On Demand Consultants program helps companies wishing to do business in Japan maximize the benefits of this demanding market whether it is during conference calls, accompanying delegations, visits to factories in Japan or Israel and negotiations.

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